FAQ - How to use

No. Labeling a website with age.xml is totally free. You can use age.xml on any website you like using a label generator or building your own label.

Just use our label generator – then you are done within a few minutes.

No. You don’t need any technical skills at all to use our label generator (see: “Tools”). The only technical experience you need is how to transfer the age.xml files to the root of your server using an FTP software like Filezilla.  Only if you would like to have different age ratings for different pages of your website might you need some more skills.

FAQ - Technical Questions

We always recommend using HTTPHEADER to label single web pages of a website with different age ratings. HTTPHEADER are the most reliable and fast way to do so. All options providing the age rating inside the source code have a negative impact on performance.

Parental Control Sytems are caching the age.xml. It does not make sense to build an age.xml dynamically for each request of a single web page. But you are free to build your age.xml from time to time using any kind of generator of your own.

For age.xml it doesn’t matter whether your website is using http:// or https://, Parental Control Systems (PCS) can request the age.xml file both ways. But as URLs with SSL are secured it might happen that a PCS can’t read and filter single pages. This depends on the PCS.

Yes. We recommend a maximum file size of 50 kb to prevent performance issues while Parental Control Systems download and read the age.xml. If needed a maximum of 200 kb is allowed by specification.

In fact: You can put a couple of single pages into the age.xml for single page rating (use <scope>), but better to have a small age.xml and use HTTPHEADER for single page rating.

Many Parental Control Systems are technical not able to follow .htaccess redirections. If you need to place age.xml files in a different folder than the root of your public htdocs you should use redirection via server settings but not via .htaccess. Nevertheless to place the age.xml file on root (this is where you find robots.txt) is always the best way to do and highly recommended.