age categories by country

Age categories specific to countries or rating bodies

Age classification and age groups are different from country to country. Not all countries provide age categories by law, others use the age groups (age categories) from major rating bodies. Here is a list of age categories specific to countries or organisations as we know about. There might be changes so better check with local authorities.

The list is also useful if you use our free age.xml plugins for CMS and shop systems and like to make age group configuration for your country.

 If your country is not listed use our default: From 0, 6, 12, 16, 18 years.


 ISO  Country  Age groups 
 AU  Australia  0,15,18
 AT  Austria  0,6,10,12,14,16,18
 BE  Belgium  0,16,18
 BG  Bulgaria  0,16,18
 CZ  Czech Republic  0,12,15,18
 DK  Denmark  0,7,11,15,18
 EE  Estonia  0,6,12,14,16,18
 FI  Finland  0,3,7,11,13,15,18
 FR  France  0,12,16,18
 DE  Germany  0,6,12,16,18
 GB  Great Britain  0,12,15,18
 GR  Greece  0,13,17,18
 HU  Hungary  0,12,16,18
 IE  Ireland  0,12,15,16,18
 IT  Italy  0,14,18
 JP  Japan  0,12,15,18
 LV  Latvia  0,7,12,16,18
 MT  Malta  0,12,14,16,18
 NL  Netherlands  0,6,9,12,16,18
 NZ  New Zealand  0,13,15,16,18
 PL  Poland  0,7,15,18
 PT  Portugal  0,3,6,12,16,18
 RO  Romania  0,12,15,18
 SG  Singapore  0,16,18
 SE  Sweden  0,7,11,15,18
 US  USA  0,13,17,18


Rating bodies and organisations

   Rating body  Age groups
   BBFC  0,7,12,15,18
   CERO  0,12,15,17,18
   ESRB  0,3,6,10,13,17,18
   MPPA  0,13,17,18
   OFLC  0,15,18
   PEGI  0,3,7,12,16,18