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Single page age classification is easy using the Wordpress plugin. You provide a different age classification for every single page of your Wordpress website with just one click or even without any click. Help to protect minors in the internet in case you publish content not suitable for them.

The age.xml plugin for Wordpress content management systems (CMS) creates HTTPHEADER to be read by Parental Control Software. For more details about idea and functionality of age.xml plugins for CMS and shop systems see main info page here.

The HTTPHEADER created by this plugin is the same for age.xml, age-de.xml, age-xx.xml and MIRACLE label files.

Note: You need to install an age.xml label file in combination with the age.xml plugin to make it work (otherwise parental control systems don't know that they should check for HTTPHEADER with age classification information). Create an age.xml file for your website with our free and easy Label Generator.


Download the age.xml plugin for Wordpress

You can download the parental control plugin for Wordpress CMS here (zip file, 28 kb).

The plugin (version 1.0.1) is made for and testet with Wordpress version 4.5.3

The plugin so far includes languages English and German based on Wordpress language settings. If you like to contribute another language contact us, please.

Thanks to Sebastian Helbig for developing this plugin.


It's free - so donate, please

We support protection of miniors in the internet providing this plugin. For high dissemination the age.xml plugin for Wordpress ist free. But if you are a commercial user (and if you are a private one and like what we do) you are asked to make a donation to support our work and to finance updates. JusProg e.V. is a non-commercial NGO. Donations are tax privileged in Germany.

 Donations via Paypal:


License and warranty

The age.xml plugin for Wordpress is released under the GPL (v2) license, for details see here.

Installation and usage of the plugin is on your own risk, we don't take any warranty (as long as this is allowed by law). We recommend to make backup of your website and database before installation.


You need a server based Wordpress installation

To run the age.xml plugin for Wordpress you do need a server based installation where you can upload your own plugins. If you just use WordPress like a website based  service for blogs without your own installation you unfortunately can't use this plugin.